About :

Born in Minnesota with an innate sense of curiosity and a love for adventure I have come to embrace both throughout the years.  At age 10 I moved to Oregon with my family and spent the second half of my childhood exploring the great North West.  As the time came to attend college I was determined live on the other side of the country and ended up at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusets.  There I studied Anthropology and Spanish where I relished in asking and understanding the 'whats' and 'whys' of our societies, and exploring different cultures with my fellow classmates and professors.  Nuturing my love for travel I spent my summers working all over the U.S. and a year studying in Bareclona. 


Art and the people around me have always been my biggest passions. They are the driving force of my studies, as well as my life-long work and dreams.  I am interested not only in learning through books, but through speaking with the people and experiencing things on my own—all which influenced my decision to study Anthropology.  I concentrated my studies on the connection between art, culture, and social movements.  However, by graduation I realized this was not just something I wanted to study but it was something I also wanted to do.

In 2013 I did an internship with Mish-Mash Dance Productions in NYC before moving to Madrid, Spain where I taught English and continued my explorations in dance.  In 2015 I moved to Freiburg, Germany to complete TIP - School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance.  Since finishing my studies in 2017 I have been an active member of TanzNet in Freiburg, Germany, co-founded Quizzical Körper, an Instant Composition Collective, and have begun performing and teaching around Europe.

As an artist I always recognized the importance of art and its presence in my life.  Over the years, I have been on a continuous journey to try and figure out why it's important to people and society and then how bring this knowledge into my own art practice.  I am passionate about trying to understand why art and embodied experiences are essential to us as human beings: What role they have played in society?  Why they have always remained prominent in culture?  What makes them important to us and our societies?  How can we make improvements in our societies by understanding this better and consciously integrating this knowledge it into our life and the social structures we live by?  And as an artist how can I most effectively create to make the impact I want to make on society?


To learn more about me and how my interest and this blog developed read my first post or visit my artist page