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Artist Page

The root of my work and my need to create comes from a deep desire to better understand the world and people around me and to then share what I find with others.  


I am interested in story-telling.  I believe there is a strong power in story-telling, one which has shaped our cultures and our human species for centuries.  One which is not of a clear linear form that can be rationally followed and explained, but is something people can still connect to and understand. 


I am interested in finding and telling these stories each time I create. I believe within a work of art (which is abstract, possibly absurd, and created by one person or a group of people) the observer may find a small part with which they connect, recognize or understand and another part which they may not understand at all. Another person may not find any connection.  And yet another will find something completely different.  But each, through seeing the piece, sees into someone else's mind, soul and perspective of the world.  It's a meeting point not trekked upon often enough but beautiful, powerful and strong. 


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