March 7, 2017

Appear, disappear

Appear, disappear.

Take the focus, then lose it.

Nothing is consistent. Nothing is forever.

Embrace it.

At least then you keep moving.

At least then you're not just stuck in the middle.











Further Reflections:

In order to appear, one must also be able...

February 19, 2017

As many know, I have been studying Improvisation Dance in Germany for the last year and a half which has been a beautifully rich journey.  Since the beginning, I was drawn to improvisation for the way it allowed me to connect and develop myself (as both a mover and a p...

January 7, 2017

One voice begins. 

It’s steady and deep. 

Strong, but not over-powering.

Familiar, in a way different from the familiarity of my family’s voices. 

Distant, yet connected deep inside me.  

Always present but waiting quietly.

Next comes the quizzical voice. 


January 14, 2016

In general human beings do not seem to be very enthusiastic about vulnerability.  We repeatedly avoid it in our daily life and I would go on to say that we tend to view vulnerability in a negative light.  To be vulnerable seems to correlate with being weak, and leaves...

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