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Improvisation in D Minor, Opus 5

This piece was a Free Improvisation performed by the same five dancers over six different evenings at E-Werk Theater in Freiburg, Germany.

A Free Improvisation means that there is no pre-set structure or rules that guide the improvisation.  The music and the lights were also completely improvised.

The dancers studied improvisation together for two years at TIP - School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance and rehearsed together for six weeks in preparation for the performance, under the coaching of Lilo Stahl.

Dancers: Andrea Lagos, Rebecca Mary Narum, Rense Hettinga, Sarantoula Sarantaki, and Vesna Jokic.

Music and Coaching: Lilo Stahl

Lights: Georg Hallmann

The video and photos are from two different evenings:

Video by: Simon Schwab

Photos by: Ellen Schmauss

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