Poetry of an Improvisation 4: Yes, No and But

April 2, 2017








To say yes.

To say yes. 


To really say yes

to something or to someone,

one first has to learn how to say no. 


Because only when the no is present does the yes have any meaning.














To accept one another.


To truly accept one another,

one has to learn how to be told “no”. 


Because only then is one capable of opening up to who the other person really is.













Yes, no, but

The “no” leads us nowhere if it comes before any “yes”. 


The “yes” leads us nowhere if it comes without an “and”. 


The “no” leads us nowhere if it comes disconnected from the “but”.

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Art, creativity, and their place in society: an introduction to Multidimensional Movement

August 10, 2015

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