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Breath in, release down

Breath in, release down

Breath in, release down

Breath in, release down

Breath in, release down

Breath in, release up.


Alessandra Favetto

How many are there?

How many are in between?

What creates them?

Are they real or are they just a chemical reaction?

Are they like a recipe?

...when you put the right amount of tension, with the right amount of release, add in the

specific rhythmic configuration, you create the perfectly constructed emotion?

Or is there a moment when the emotion translates from the physical formation into something more?

Alessandra Favetto

I have been interested in emotions since the beginning of my dance practice.

And interested in the physicality of emotions since my last big creation project in the spring.

A couple weeks ago, I got to re-visit this topic in a choreography workshop which dealt with the topic of transformation.

I was given the task to do an emotional transformation while crossing the room from one corner to another.

Alessandra Favetto

Having previously studied the physicality of laughing and crying, and knowing that crying is tension-release down and laughing is tension-release up but with the same rhythm, I followed this path.

And although a transformation was visible from the outside perspective - that of the viewer...

And, on one-side my body entered these different “emotional states”...

I did not myself have a personal, emotional connection to it.

An emotional transformation within myself.





Henceforth, I was left wondering: at what place lies the line lie where emotions transform from being just a physical make-up

(a.k.a. whether you release down or you release up... Or

in what rhythm you choose to do so.)

to being something more?

inexplicable and complex.

And when you arrive at this point, how do you then explain the inexplicable?

How do you depict the the undepictable?

And so I am left pondering...

The photos on the page are from an artist I recently came across and really appreciated. Her name is Alessandra Favetto. If you like what you see more of her work take a look at her webpage here.

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