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The Adventure

Been traveling again.

This time in London and Berlin.

And in all honesty, it hasn’t been the easiest trip.

But, it seems when I travel I get inspired to write again,

or at least to publish writings I have left sitting in the folders on my computer.

Today I am sharing a poem I wrote a few months back during my last travel sprint.

It’s about the challenges faced in living abroad, and henceforth so far away from home.

An experience that is amazing but doesn’t erase all the normal human doubts and struggles one often faces.

I’m in the middle of trying to make some big decisions, and as I think we all know, big decisions are not the easiest to make.

A good friend once said to me that the most exhausting thing—more than being busy and doing 1000 things in a day—is making decisions, and I COMPLETELY agree.

I think it is precisely this which makes a routine life so fulfilling.

Because within the routine are five thousand little cracks and details which are filled with little treasures and gifts, but you only have time to notice these gems when you’re not distracted building the structure itself.

So, I leave it here for the moment and let you move on to the poem.






They say it’s an adventure

to go off to some new place.

A place

where you know no one.

And no one knows your face.

A place that speaks a little different,

but still you find a way.

They say it’s an adventure

to seek out some new place.

They say it’s an adventure

to live so far from home.

In cultures, cities, landscapes,

different than your own.

And even if you struggle,

the struggles nothing like their own.

Because they say it’s an adventure

to live so far from home.

They say it’s an adventure

to bounce from here to there.

To drink a beer

beside the green

And run atop

the cobblestone streets.

To say hello

and goodbye the same day.

And never know with who you’ll remain.

They say it’s an adventure

to move from place to place.

They say it’s an adventure

this life you live out here.

That your tough and brave

to live so far away

and not even shed a tear.

But what they do not know,

are the nights spent alone,

or the doubts that boggle your mind;

Of what you want,

or where to go,

or of whom you’ve left behind.

So, when they say it’s an adventure

you snicker and snigger inside.

Because you know that the adventure

holds much more than meets the eye.

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