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The Doll in Her Pocket


"You cannot easily fit women into a structure

that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure."

     ~Mary Beard

"Pandora's Box," "Einstein's Wife," "The Wild Woman." 

What do the stories from our past tell us about our present?

"The Doll in Her Pocket" gives an insight into the history of women. It is a story of strength, a story of oppression, of wildness and compliance. It is a story that explores gender roles and archetypes, their stereotypes and extremes. It tries to rethink and question the images in our heads.

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What makes a strong woman strong?

What actually is feminine and masculine?

How strongly are we attracted to "feminine characteristics"?

How is patriarchy still present in our societies today?

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In search for answers, choreographer and performer Rebecca Mary Narum turned to her own stories as well as those of other women, present and past. 


She highlights the ongoing dialogue between seemingly opposing sides of female identity by bringing them together into one story. This creates a piece that can speak to everyone, as we all carry something feminine within us.

The performance can still be viewed via




Choreography & Performance: Rebecca Mary Narum

Choreographic Accompaniment: Antonia Bischof

Lights: Jenny Herman

Photos & Film: Jürgen Gocke

Project Management Assistance/PR: Daniel Armbrüster

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Rebecca Mary

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