“Tuschkörper” is an Instant Composition performed by Kai Brügge and Rebecca Mary that stems from their on-going research about the relationship between physicality and story-telling.  They wanted to investigate how to tell stories instantaneously through the body rather than words intending to reach the audience not through the logical mind but through the sensing body. 

The process included training in physical theater, partnering and contact improvisation, instant composition, and elements of martial arts.

As the initial focus of their work was on developing their skills in theater and partnering when it came time to perform the Instant Composition they realized the importance of returning to a state of emptiness.  Even though they had specific elements they desired to appear, in order to compose instantaneously they had to let go of their wanting and listen to the story that was unfolding in the moment.  Trusting the elements they had been training would appear if meant to.  

During the process they collaborated with artist Nicole Reuther who practices the Japanese art form Ink Wash Painting. They discovered common base between their practices to  find emptiness within themselves as a means to allow what is present and waiting be expressed. 


The paintings you see were created spontaneously during the rehearsal process for Tuschekörper as Nicole observed the dancers.


You can see more of Nicole’s work at her website: tuschekunst.de