“Walking Mandolins” was created by Rebecca Mary in the autumn of 2017 with the intention to work purely with the tangible elements physicality, musicality and space.  From this a story emerged that was meant to be told but could not be pre-determined and was previously unknown.


Having been drawn to dance and movement as an opportunity to reflect and express things in a language different from the linguistic languages we are familiar with, she believes the body can understand different information and knowledge than the mind.  Therefore, by letting herself focus on the pure sensual instincts a message (perhaps inexplicable in words) appeared.  

What was found was the persistence we endure as we walk through life doing the same things yet somehow different.  We're left wondering how do we find the new, the joy in the old. 


"I (Rebecca) have found this piece to a transformation in itself, always being influenced by that which is around me and inside of me at that moment".  

Video: Fidel Gómez Sanchez

Photos: Jenny Kasper and Fidel Gómez Sanchez